I am a Software Engineering Manager at Alteryx working on creating ML products and open source libraries. I lead the ML Tools Team, which oversees development of Featuretools, and Woodwork.

Before, I was at Feature Labs as the first engineering hire, where I helped scale the team from 3 to 10 people. I built Tempo from the ground up. Tempo is a ML platform with an intuitive UI for predictive analytics to be used by concurrently by multiple developers. I also educated others about data science through tutorials, and courses. During the summer, I managed interns to further develop our open source library, Featuretools. Additionally, I worked directly with customers to develop custom ML solutions. Alteryx acquired us in 2019. We are continuing to execute our roadmap to build ML solutions that help people solve problems.

Previously, I worked at Nod where I successfully destroyed 5 drones.


I graduated magna cum laude from Wake Forest University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Chemistry & Neuroscience.


When I am not focused on my professional endeavors, I like running, weightlifting, and swimming. In part thanks to the stay-at-home orders, I recently got into playing board games with my insanely competitive family and friends—some of my favorites include Splendor, Carcassonne, and JAWS. I am also a huge presidential history buff and am always looking for some book recommendations about American history.